Spring in Zermatt

Spring arrives late in Zermatt, but when it does, it is magical. Crocuses, cyclamens and gentian bloom on the mountain pastures, and the marmots enjoy the sunshine as they emerge from hibernation. A trip on the Gornergrat Railway reveals the immense beauty of spring in the Alps.


As soon as the snow has melted, various routes invite you to go hiking, such as the Waldweg, the Furiweg and the round walk to Zmutt.

Spring hikes

Wandern in Zermatt.
Spass in Zermatt.


You can ski in Zermatt 365 days a year, either on the slopes in the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise or on tours in the impressive mountains.



Enjoy the view of the Matterhorn from the Gornergrat, or visit the Glacier Palace at the Kleines Matterhorn – most of the mountain lifts run year-round. The railway station and the Gornergrat Railway are just a short walk from the Schlosshotel.

Mountain railways
Other spring activities